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MDT Extra's

MDT Extra's
Photo by Tadas Sar / Unsplash

Here are some Configurations I've made to my MDT Server

Per Tasksequence Rules

If you update the MDT Server these edit's will not survive, you have to do them again

The following instructions will allow you to set per Tasksequence Rules

In the DeploymentShare folder is a folder named Scripts.
In that folder you have to edit the following file


Under the line that starts with Function ValidateTSList and Dim oTS add the following extra's

Dim sCmd
Dim oItem
Set oShell = createObject("Wscript.shell")

And under the End if add the following line

sCmd = "wscript.exe """ & oUtility.ScriptDir & "\ZTIGather.wsf"""
oItem = oShell.Run(sCmd, , true)

Save the file and Update the Deployment Share

And choose the Completely regenerate the boot image

Add TaskSequenceID under [Settings]

And you can now set the Rules for each Tasksequence like below.