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Cloud Backup with Duplicati

Offsite Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup with Duplicati
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Need a backup offsite?

Duplicati can give you an option to backup your files to the Cloud or another medium.

Install Duplicati

First, if we want to set-up a backup, we must install Duplicati.
Download de installer from here and install Duplicati.

Setup a Backup

When the installation is completed, and you've logged in to Duplicati web interface you can simply create a Backup job by clicking "Add backup"

Select "Configure a new backup"

Give a name for the Backup, encryption can be left on the default (AES-256) and the passphrase is an password of choice that can also be generated with the "Generate" option.

This will secure the backup with a password on the backup itself, so don't lose the passphrase or you won't have a option to recover the backup!

Select an storage type, like local storage or Cloud storage.
We use Jottacloud because there's a paid option to get unlimited storage.

But there are other options like Azure Blob, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or S3 Cloud Storage.

Select the source data that you want to be backed-up to the destination.  

Set an schedule for the backup

The last step will be the retention of the backup how long will a backup kept before it will be deleted.

Click "Save" and you're done.
Duplicati will give errors if something goes wrong